Rehabilitation Therapy

Home Rehabilitation Therapy Services in Brooklyn, NY

For patients working to overcome a past injury or challenging condition, the right therapy can make all the difference. Unfortunately, that kind of help isn’t always accessible. It requires specialized guidance, which usually means a commute to a facility and complicated appointment scheduling — not easy when you already deal with limited mobility or difficulty with communicating.

Community Home Care Referral Services, Inc. wants to make your life a little easier. Our team brings the help you need right to your door! With an array of home rehabilitation therapy services in Brooklyn, NY, we blend the convenience and accessibility of private care with the quality and support of professional treatment.

Solutions for Your Situation

Our team assists with a diverse range of challenges. Get in touch with our team when you need home care services like:

Physical Therapy: Our in-home physical therapists work with you to safely manage injuries and illnesses that limit your body’s usual function. That way, you can stay healthy and get the best results from your recovery.

Occupational Therapy: If you struggle to meet your own needs or get work done, our team can help. We teach you ways to adapt and succeed in the face of limitations.

Speech Therapy: Communication is a crucial part of life. If it’s not easy for you, that’s okay. We have the experience and compassionate help to lend a hand.